Sushi La Kids

We believe in kids because they have the ability to change the world with something as simple as a smile. A smile that is so powerful because of the pure mind and thoughts that accompany a child which sooner or later will be taken away by our society and worries..

Well we want these smiles to stay as is, and not be altered, and a great way to achieve that is by staying ourselves as kids!

Unfortunately we have no magic formula but experiences is what makes our lives fuller and this is what we want to give to our kids..Experiences that will make them smile, that will make us smile 🙂

So in the past couple of years we have been trying to find out ways to do that and that is when we introduced the Sushi La Kids Windsurfing Camp. The sea has the capacity to change someone to the better and even more so develop someone into a better person!

And we want our Kids to get these potentially lifechanging experiences, cause if they do accompany them later on in life then we would have done the smallest thing we could into making our society just a tiny little bit better.!


Origami For Kids!

Origami is the ancient Japanese art of folding paper (ori-folding, gami-paper). Research shows that this art of paper folding has educational benefits for kids,particularly in elementary years, and is indeed a valuable method of developing vital skills like Cooperative Learning and Congitive Development.

So its Japanese and its for kids so Sushi La could not be away from it!

For now its Cats and Dogs, Check it out below, Click on the Image, Save, Print, Fold and Enjoy 🙂

origami-cat- sushi-la origami-dog-sushi-la