Peruvian Japanese is here!

Peruvian Japanese on our buffet is here!

Ready for the next culinary trip? 

Join us this Wednesday and be the first to taste the new dishes to join our buffet presented by Christoforos Peskias himself in our store in Nicosia. 

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This month we fly in the country of Incas and the lost treasures for the so hot and trending right now Peruvian – Japanese or else Nikkei cuisine! 

It all started in 1889 when a group of 7000 Japanese workers went to Peru to help as farmers on 2- year contracts. When the contracts were done some of these families chose to stay in Peru and make a life there. Since Japanese ingredients were not possible to obtain at the time they started cooking Japanese dishes with locally sourced ingredients. Years later and as these families integrated with the Peruvian society, they started restaurants serving Peruvian dishes with some twists like replacing meat with fish, and that is when the famous dishes like the ceviche and tiradito as we know them today were born. 

Today Nikkei is highly integrated into the Peruvian cuisine scene and has been an influence for legendary restaurants like Nobu Matsuhisa! 

The octopus story: Peruvian fishermen used to throw away octopus as the people were not used to eating it, so the Japanese would go and pick up the discarded octopus and begin cooking with it. Today octopus is a vital ingredient in the famous Ceviche. 

You don’t need to travel to Peru to enjoy the signature Nikkei Ceviche, Tiradito and the thirst quenching Bisco Sour cocktail. Come around this Wednesday and enjoy it paired with the cool tunes of Jimmy D on the decks!  

And of course stay tuned for what’s coming next! 

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