News From us to you.

News From us to you

  • Bentos..Trending in 2016 and super healthy!

    Bento is really a home pre-packed lunch box in Japan. Traditionally it consisted of a combination of rice, fish, meat, veggies and any other goodies carefully presented in a nice little box. Historically bento dates back to the 1100s when the ...
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  • Win Your Valentines Special Lunch Or Dinner for 2!

    Although some may argue that Valentines day is something sooo mainstream, in essence it is a reminder for celebration of Love. It would have been great if Love was celebrated every day in our lives without the need for “special” ...
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  • Introducing Yakitori! 1st – 7th of February!

    Yakitori is basically the Japanese art…of skewered grilled chicken with salt or sauce ..:) Its admiring how this nation has the ability to turn just about anything into an art!! Initially it began with skewers out of bite size pieces of chicken ...
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  • MYTH: Pregnant Women CANT eat Sushi!

    Not so long ago Sushi was a privilage for the wealthy, rich and health enthousiasts. However today things changed a tiny bit, to the point where sushi and maki rolls can be even found in supermarkets and traditional bakeries! But even ...
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  • We are hiring!

    Interested in joining our Team? We are hiring!!  Location: Larnaca and Nicosia Duties and Responsibilities We are seeking qualified Waiters and Waitresses to join our family. The successful candidates will be flexible with their hours and responsible for providing service to our guests ...
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  • New on our Buffet..Fried Frenzy and Soups!!

    We know you go crazy for FRIED cause you told us so! And so we chose to fry fry fry 🙂 New recipes, a whole NEW SECTION and this is not just for the holidays but its here to stay!! Anything you do its ...
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