News From us to you.

News From us to you

  • Reservations going online!

    Over the past few months we have been testing our new online reservation feature and today more and more of you are using it for your reservations. The reason is because it’s faster, it’s easier and more convenient than phone reservations. ...
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  • Noodle Week! 28th March – 3rd April

    Noodles are an everyday dish in Japan and are mainly broken down into Yaki Soba and Yaki Udon, both of which can be absolutely delicious, can be cooked in the exact same recipes, have just a few fundamental differences and are ...
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  • Vegan or vegetarian? We got you covered!

    Who said that Sushi is a delicacy that can only be enjoyed with fish or meat on the plate? It is generally accepted that Japanese cuisine is not very popular amongst vegans and vegetarians however I personally believe that it’s ...
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  • Gyoza Week!! 29th February to 6th of March.!

    Gyozas’ or dumplings as most people know them actually originated in China and not Japan under the name Jiaozi which derives from a former chinese word meaning “tender ears”. Story tells that Gyozas who is basically dough with a filling were ...
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  • Bentos..Trending in 2016 and super healthy!

    Bento is really a home pre-packed lunch box in Japan. Traditionally it consisted of a combination of rice, fish, meat, veggies and any other goodies carefully presented in a nice little box. Historically bento dates back to the 1100s when the ...
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  • Win Your Valentines Special Lunch Or Dinner for 2!

    Although some may argue that Valentines day is something sooo mainstream, in essence it is a reminder for celebration of Love. It would have been great if Love was celebrated every day in our lives without the need for “special” ...
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