News From us to you.

News From us to you

  • Foodball Fest!

    Football month is on and we are celebrating the Euro Cup 2016 with a new sushi foodball platter while we are giving away two ice cold premium Nissos beers for FREE (this is a unique awarded beer from a microbrewery ...
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  • Our chef in your kitchen!

    Our chef in your kitchen. Literally. We love Food! (But you already know that). What you don’t know is that SushiLa is now coming to your doorstep. With our new service “Our Chef in your Kitchen” all your worries will be swept ...
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  • Tempura Week! 23rd – 29th May

    Tempura is On for the week to come. And we know you love fried 🙂 A dish quite synonymous with the Japanese cuisine does not really originate from Japan but is actually quite Portuguese and arrived in Japan with the first ...
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  • Mediterrasian? Quiz: Match & Win(winners anounced)

    We are happy to anounce the winner of the Match & Win competition! Firstly we would like to thank you for your participation and the time and effort you put into creating your own idea of what a Mediterrasian cuisine ...
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  • Tamago the awesome Japanese omelette! (RECIPE)

    Apart from fish experts the Japanese also make rocking omelettes, the Tamagoyaki or as most know it by , Tamago! The literal meaning is “grilled egg” and is actually quite special as it is prepared in a very unique method ...
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  • Battleship Sushi – The Gunkan Maki (RECIPE)

    The Battleship Sushi or the Warship Roll or Gunkan Maki as its originally called is just another maki variation and also by far the easiest sushi to make at home. So unlike the traditional Maki roll the Gunkan is made by ...
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