News From us to you.

News From us to you

  • August closing days

    We all need to take some holiday. Especially in August 🙂 Keep an eye on these dates to avoid any inconvinience. August closing days: 6 – 7 August 12 – 16 August and 20 – 21 August. Hope you all have a great month!
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  • Why does ginger accompany sushi?

    You have all seen the those pink little ginger slices on the side of your sushi order. But have you ever wondered why ginger has become synonymous with sushi? Sushi ginger or Gari as it is originally called is what they ...
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  • Chirashi don week on your daily buffet.

    Chirashi don or “the sushi bowl” is actually one of the easiest and most diverse forms of sushi, I would personally say the most fun too! The word chirashi actually means “scattered” and it basically describes the dish on which ...
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  • King of Kite 2016 (PICTURES)

    The king of kite event hosted by Kahuna Surfhouse was a success for one more year! We were there, we kited, we loved it and we took a few pictures too 🙂 Check it out!
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  • Fresh, seasonal and delicious is the only way to go

    Are you tired of old and “outdated” menus? Chances are that if you have been visiting the same restaurant over and over again and the menu remains unchanged you are bound to get bored with it. Even if sometimes it ...
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  • New, delicious and limited! The Golden Hour.

    A cocktail can be simple and highly complex at the same time and we have been experimenting a lot both in our kitchen and in our bar. Once you open yourself up to new ideas you then attract the right people ...
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