News From us to you.

News From us to you

  • Xmas Eve Dinner Sampling Menu

    Xmas Eve Dinner Sampling Menu

    Did you make your Christmas eve plans yet? The Christmas eve is always a special night, something about the mood or just the energy in the air. So we thought of preparing something really special for you on this evening and only. ...
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  • Christmas Schedule

    Christmas Schedule

    A few very special buffet lunch and dinners are happening this Christmas holidays! Be sure to check out the schedule below      
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  • More Asian than ever!

    More Asian than ever!

    It has already been 10 years and we wanted to celebrate while also turning a new page for Sushi La. Over the past year wehave been working hard to make some incredible changes — from how we get and store our ingredients, to ...
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  • Family Sundays are back!

    Family Sundays are back!

    The summer is gone and the Sunday family excursions to the beach are now something to look forward to. But Sushi La Family Sundays is back. Beginning this Sunday 2nd of October and for every Sunday your favourite lunch buffet is ...
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  • 5 Reasons to eat more spicy today!

    5 Reasons to eat more spicy today!

    Eating spicy can be thrilling! And it is still unknown why so many people actually find pleasure in something that can be considered painful. But let’s not go to extremes cause it seems that answer lies within all the health ...
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  • Temaki week on your daily buffet

    Temaki week on your daily buffet

    Have you ever seen a piece of sushi that looks like an ice cream cone? That’s temaki or as it is also known the rolled sushi. However in this case the cone is made out of Nori (the seaweed in ...
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