New buffet and Mexican Japanese

Planet food – a unique blend of cuisines
A journey with a fusion of flavours that will leave you craving for more! 
The world is becoming smaller as we go and the very first industry to be impacted by this is the food industry. You live in the Mediterranean and your kids favourite food ends up being spring rolls! It is profound how this multiculturism has impacted the way we dress, think and most of all Eat! 
We have been working hard for the past year into elevating the dining experience we offer at Sushi La Bar and we have done that by ensuring first of all the freshness of materials, the proper organization of our kitchen, the extensive training of our chefs, and of course a whole new set of recipes on our buffet(more than 140 dishes on a weekly basis). But we also wanted to give something different. To give our customers all these unique blends and dishes that have become so popular around the world but aren’t within reach unless you travel a lot.
So we created Planet Food. For a limited time only we will be hosting dishes from different blends from around the world. These dishes will be on our buffet for a very short period and every month and a half we will be presenting a new unique blend.
First stop California. First blend, Mexican – Japanese

Without a doubt, Mexican and Japanese cuisines are two of the most diverse and delicious in the world, but have you ever thought of their fusion? LA’s food scene is highly influenced by Mexico which is just a breath away and California was always the first stop for Japanese coming to the US. Both of these cuisines flourished in California which was the perfect ground for marrying the two together! 
Mexican – Japanese, just imagine corn, chilli, beans and avocado vs fish, rice, soy sauce, seaweed and wasabi in dishes like tostadas, tacos, burritos, nachos, quesadillas and guacamole vs sushi rolls, tempura dishes, noodles, gyozas, yakitori and chirashi don. The possibilities are endless and can only make one drool. 
At Sushi La, we live for creativity and trying new things, and Mexican Japanese is our new experiment! For a limited period and for the very first time in Cyprus you will have the chance to experience a unique Mexican Japanese fusion on our buffet and cocktails menu. 
No need to travel to California to try the famous Sushi Burrito and crispy Nori Taco. 
This will be part of our whole new redesigned buffet with the addition of all your favourites!
– Japanese Salads (including the famous green and red seaweed Wagame)
– Traditional Japanese section (for the first time Nigiri, Temaki and Gunkan on the buffet) 
– Classic Rolls (your favourite Caterpillar and Dracula included)
– Signature Rolls (with our a la cartes Volcano and Shrimp Crispy)
– Exclusive hot dishes section with dishes like crispy duck Gua Bao buns and and grilled Salmon Teriyaki
and of course our newest Mexican Japanese Section, all these for just 19.95.
Come around and be amazed!