Battleship Sushi – The Gunkan Maki (RECIPE)

The Battleship Sushi or the Warship Roll or Gunkan Maki as its originally called is just another maki variation and also by far the easiest sushi to make at home.

So unlike the traditional Maki roll the Gunkan is made by first shaping the rice to an oval shape, then wrapping with a narrow piece of Nori sheet (Seaweed) and finally adding your topping on top, usually Ikura (Salmon Roe).

It was invented in 1941 at the Ginza Kuybey restaurant and although it may look pretty simple it  actually played a major role in Sushi evolution since for the first time it allowed the use of softer toppings to be used in the Sushi kitchen.

Here are a couple of really cool recipes on how to make your own Battleship Sushi.

You just got to love the Cooking with Dog Japanese cooking show 🙂

And a pretty cook one with Crab meat. If hard to find just use your regular crabsticks.