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Japaruvian launch with Christoforos Peskias

Some pictures from our Peruvian Japanese launch last Wednesday! 

We had a blast! You loved the food and you can keep enjoying it for a month or so to come. 

Stay tuned as we are sure you will be surprised on what Christoforos Peskias is creating for you as our next Planet Food destination 😉


Peruvian Japanese is here!

Peruvian Japanese on our buffet is here!

Ready for the next culinary trip? 

Join us this Wednesday and be the first to taste the new dishes to join our buffet presented by Christoforos Peskias himself in our store in Nicosia. 

Facebook event:

This month we fly in the country of Incas and the lost treasures for the so hot and trending right now Peruvian – Japanese or else Nikkei cuisine! 

It all started in 1889 when a group of 7000 Japanese workers went to Peru to help as farmers on 2- year contracts. When the contracts were done some of these families chose to stay in Peru and make a life there. Since Japanese ingredients were not possible to obtain at the time they started cooking Japanese dishes with locally sourced ingredients. Years later and as these families integrated with the Peruvian society, they started restaurants serving Peruvian dishes with some twists like replacing meat with fish, and that is when the famous dishes like the ceviche and tiradito as we know them today were born. 

Today Nikkei is highly integrated into the Peruvian cuisine scene and has been an influence for legendary restaurants like Nobu Matsuhisa! 

The octopus story: Peruvian fishermen used to throw away octopus as the people were not used to eating it, so the Japanese would go and pick up the discarded octopus and begin cooking with it. Today octopus is a vital ingredient in the famous Ceviche. 

You don’t need to travel to Peru to enjoy the signature Nikkei Ceviche, Tiradito and the thirst quenching Bisco Sour cocktail. Come around this Wednesday and enjoy it paired with the cool tunes of Jimmy D on the decks!  

And of course stay tuned for what’s coming next! 

Reserve early for this event here.

New buffet and Mexican Japanese

Planet food – a unique blend of cuisines
A journey with a fusion of flavours that will leave you craving for more! 
The world is becoming smaller as we go and the very first industry to be impacted by this is the food industry. You live in the Mediterranean and your kids favourite food ends up being spring rolls! It is profound how this multiculturism has impacted the way we dress, think and most of all Eat! 
We have been working hard for the past year into elevating the dining experience we offer at Sushi La Bar and we have done that by ensuring first of all the freshness of materials, the proper organization of our kitchen, the extensive training of our chefs, and of course a whole new set of recipes on our buffet(more than 140 dishes on a weekly basis). But we also wanted to give something different. To give our customers all these unique blends and dishes that have become so popular around the world but aren’t within reach unless you travel a lot.
So we created Planet Food. For a limited time only we will be hosting dishes from different blends from around the world. These dishes will be on our buffet for a very short period and every month and a half we will be presenting a new unique blend.
First stop California. First blend, Mexican – Japanese

Without a doubt, Mexican and Japanese cuisines are two of the most diverse and delicious in the world, but have you ever thought of their fusion? LA’s food scene is highly influenced by Mexico which is just a breath away and California was always the first stop for Japanese coming to the US. Both of these cuisines flourished in California which was the perfect ground for marrying the two together! 
Mexican – Japanese, just imagine corn, chilli, beans and avocado vs fish, rice, soy sauce, seaweed and wasabi in dishes like tostadas, tacos, burritos, nachos, quesadillas and guacamole vs sushi rolls, tempura dishes, noodles, gyozas, yakitori and chirashi don. The possibilities are endless and can only make one drool. 
At Sushi La, we live for creativity and trying new things, and Mexican Japanese is our new experiment! For a limited period and for the very first time in Cyprus you will have the chance to experience a unique Mexican Japanese fusion on our buffet and cocktails menu. 
No need to travel to California to try the famous Sushi Burrito and crispy Nori Taco. 
This will be part of our whole new redesigned buffet with the addition of all your favourites!
– Japanese Salads (including the famous green and red seaweed Wagame)
– Traditional Japanese section (for the first time Nigiri, Temaki and Gunkan on the buffet) 
– Classic Rolls (your favourite Caterpillar and Dracula included)
– Signature Rolls (with our a la cartes Volcano and Shrimp Crispy)
– Exclusive hot dishes section with dishes like crispy duck Gua Bao buns and and grilled Salmon Teriyaki
and of course our newest Mexican Japanese Section, all these for just 19.95.
Come around and be amazed! 

Family Saturdays at Sushi La

The summer is gone and the weekend family excursions to the beach are now something to look forward to.

But Sushi La Family Saturdays is on. Beginning this Saturday 22nd of September and every Saturday your favourite lunch buffet is back!

The price is €16.95, kids 6 and under eat for free and kids 7 – 12 just for €5.95!

Oh! And all kids under 12 eat for free for the Septembers Saturday lunch buffets! 

A bouncy castle and an entertainer will be there too! 🙂

See you on Saturday!

New buffet! Friday and Saturday nights

Friday and Saturday night special buffet is finally here! 
Great news for all of you buffet fans out there. We have been working on a special all you can eat buffet for you, featuring our best seller buffet items! Of course we could never leave out your own requests too 🙂
So from now on and every Friday and Saturday night you will find our best buffet yet in all our restaurants. 
Check out the new items! Quinoa rolls, new premium avocado, rainbow rolls, NIGIRI!!! and in our hot dishes a duck dish you will always remember! All these just for 19.95!
Come around this Friday to check it out

Sushi La Paphos now open!


It’s been a great year for Sushi La and without your support we wouldn’t be here! Sushi La Paphos is now officially open and your warm welcoming was overwhelming 🙂 

If you haven’t had the chance to visit it yet check out the pics below and next time you are in town, now you know the place to be. 

Thank you so much for your support all these years and we promise you the best is yet to come! 

Christoforos Peskias the chef behind Sushi La

Did you know that the chef behind Sushi La is Christoforos Peskias? Over the past couple of years we have been working very closely with Christoforos to design and implement our new menu and philosophy! Many of you may know him as a celebrity chef in Greece and Cyprus but he is a lot more than that! Check out his bio below as well as where to find him if you are visiting Greece! 

Peskias was born and raised in Cyprus. He studied business administration In Boston, where he discovered his passion for cooking. He came to Athens in 1992 where he got his first cooking job at “Dash Restaurant”. In 1995 he went back to the U.S. to work under his mentor Charlie Trotter. In 1997 and for 5 years he was the executive chef at “Rock&Roll” and “Balthazar”. In 2002 he went on a journey in Europe where he trained under Ferran Andria, and Marc Menaux before coming back to Athens and taking over “48 The Restaurant”, which was the first restaurant that featured Modern Greek cuisine. 48 was considered one of the best restaurants in the country, and gained international recognition. In 2007 and 2008 “48” was included in “Restaurant’s Magazine” top 100 restaurants of the world list. In 2007 he was named chef of the year by “Eleftherotypia” newspaper and in 2009 he was awarded the same honor by “Athinorama” magazine. In 2010 he opened his own “Π BOX”, a small restaurant deli, where he redefined the term casual dinning in town. Since 2015 he is again with “Balthazar” reviving in his own way the most beautiful garden of Athens. He is also the executive chef of “Jackie O Mykonos” and of a boutique catering called “Different and Different”. He appears regularly on TV and he was a judge on Greece’s “Top Chef”

Peskia’s heart lies in tradition and his mind at modern technique and gastronomy. That is where he found his personal touch. His cuisine is modern and yet emotional. It is both futuristic and nostalgic

Sushi La Paphos coming soon!

We are growing and our new store is now opening in Paphos at the end of the September!

We will be located in 25 Martiou Street right in the center and we are coming to you with the islands biggest Asian buffet.

Don’t forget that we are also hiring so do drop us a line at [email protected]

Some sneak peeks of the store below 🙂 


More Buffet Less Waste

Around 88 million tons of food are wasted annually in the EU, with associated costs estimated at 143 billion euros. In fact, more than one third of the world’s food production ends up as waste. 

For a while now we have noticed that the nature of restaurants that serve all you can eat buffet have significantly more food waste in comparison to a la carte restaurants. At Sushi La we are looking at figures at about 30kg per day – 10 tons per year per restaurant – which is equal to 60 or more people having a proper meal in a day. 

For the past few months we have been working relentlessly to upgrade our buffet in a variety of ways – new recipes, flavors, presentations and even deserts – and it just doesn’t feel right to see all that food and the efforts to prepare it go to waste. It is a real problem. Not just about the food that is wasted. It is also about the effort and costs involved in disposing this waste as well as the environmental impact when you look at it collectively! And is it worth the extra roll or extra dumpling on your plate? We don’t think so.

In the next few months we will be implementing our new ‘More Buffet Less Waste’ policy. Through this awareness of the bigger impact the buffet waste has, we want to encourage our customers to eat as much as they like but in a way that it will not enforce food waste. 

What this means is that coming August 1st we will be adding a 2.50 euro surcharge on each plate with an unreasonable amount of waste – basically, if you’ve left a buffet plate with approximately a third of it filled with food ready to be thrown away, you are eligible for this.  The idea is not be making more money seeing as you are still able to refill your plates as many times as you like, but rather this time with just enough as your going to eat. Just this small change in attitude towards our delicious buffet will trickle down into the actual buffet itself, as it also makes sure that the buffet is refilled with better timing, and therefore will always be full and fresh for you to enjoy! 

Let’s start reducing our waste collectively. Small steps for a big change.